LETA / Louisiana Public Broadcasting - Key Staff


Beth Courtney, President & Chief Executive Officer

Christina Melton, Special Projects Director

Candace Morgan, Human Resources Director

Joanne Gaudet, Director, Business

Jeanne Smith, Underwriting Director


C.C. Copeland, Director of Engineering - Operations


Clay Fourrier, Executive Producer

Ken Miller, Production Manager

André Moreau, Anchor

Tika Laudun, Senior Producer

Kevin Gautreaux, Senior Producer

Gary Allen, Senior Producer

Dorothy Kendrick, Producer

Kelly Connelly Spires, Producer


Jason Viso, Director of Programming

Margaret Schlaudecker, Public Information Director


Nancy R. Tooraen, Educational Technology Specialist

Information Technology & Digital Media

John Tooraen, IT & Digital Media Manager

Jeanne Lamy, Digital Media Project Manager